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She is smiley and funny and, while her phone buzzes quietly throughout our interview, she never looks at it.

She also seems to have toned down the Californian therapy-speak that gave her such a bad press during the last decade, although she still has a tendency to drop made-up sounding terms such as "spiritual unfoldment" into the conversation.

The difference is that while 21’s mood is generally one of tearful defiance, Jagged Little Pill’s default setting was bitter resentment. She found that achieving the fame she had sought ever since she first appeared on Canadian television aged 10 left her with nowhere to go. "I would sit on street corners alone and watch people and make up stories about them in my head.

"I remember touring America in a van and I’d be fielding all these calls," Alanis Morissette says.Until that point, she had often visualised various career goals; clear mental images would come to her unprompted, but once success arrived those images dried up."I’d always had these prophetic visions of what was next.Only Adele’s 21, released last year, has come close to that figure in recent years.The similarities between Jagged Little Pill and 21 (which has sold 22 million copies) are striking.

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