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“They passed a resistance area and then stripped them and raped them and killed them.” Huda and three of her daughters escaped through a series of destroyed houses.

“We walked through the houses, through broken walls, broken doors, and gardens. “The girls being raped were screaming ‘God, we have nobody but you.’ No one could help them.” Eventually, Huda’s family reached Damascus, then Jordan.

When her body was being violated she emptied her mind, she says.

Her body no longer belonged to her but she could try to protect her soul. I used to have a normal life.” Her so-called crime was to take photographs of protesters in Homs one afternoon in November 2011, naively indulging a hobby that the authorities said demonstrated support for the uprising.

“We think the regime, when they arrest women and put them in jail, the rapes happen in jail.Nour doesn’t believe she will ever see her torturers in prison, no matter the pain those guards inflicted on her and the other girls.Sometimes the guards used rats as a rape instrument, she says.“They would bring a rat tied with a string and put it, well, you know where,” Nour says. One of the girls they did it to bled so badly she died.” The prison guards hound her still.She moves every few months because the man who ran the Damascus detention centre found out her address in Amman and has sent men to threaten her.

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