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"I guess the silver lining to the whole thing was, despite ... She had enrolled in a part-time graduate program to become an art teacher.the fact that the marriage was a bad marriage, it wasn't a hurtful marriage. Halfway through her course of study, the state of Michigan changed the requirements for teacher certification.It tacked nearly eight more years onto her studies. In late 2004, as the Detroit housing market began to show signs of trouble and her husband's business declined, she defiantly took a job at the local EB Games."I basically had what I call a 'quarter-life crisis' and completely lost my mind," Chobot says. A few months later she took her entire savings and bought a ticket to Japan.She didn't feel comfortable sharing a bedroom with her husband any longer, so she used their finished basement as an apartment. One constant in Chobot's life growing up, aside from video games, was a love of all things Japanese.Her aunt lived in Japan teaching English for eight years and would send back trinkets, toys and oddities."For some reason that hit me hard, and I thought, 'This is awesome! Chobot says that she knew at that moment that she could be an independent adult, and that she didn't have to be married to feel important.

The scam worked, and a few weeks later she was sent credentials.That's when the fateful "PSP lick" picture was taken, an image captured by the photographer as a joke that saw her lingering seductively on the new handheld.And it was Chobot herself that forwarded it on to Kotaku. Just a few weeks later, as she marveled at the booths at her first E3, she says people began to recognize her from that photo.Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Don't hesitate, this is the site you were looking for, where you can watch and chat with thousands of people around the world every day.

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The piece reads like a telegram sent back from a National Geographic expedition, or the calls of a barker at a freak show. She had met him at the real estate company where she took a job as a secretary, fresh out of college with a degree in fine arts.

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