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I have been active in the antiwar movement from Vietnam through Iraq.

I have done political work for some of the most antiwar candidates of the modern era — Mc Govern, Jackson, Nader, Kucinich.

I have marched and petitioned, organized and strategized, and played a part in peace demonstrations from Las Cruces, New Mexico, to London and New York. But until I read David Swanson’s book, I had never heard this story before — and certainly never understood why it was important.” — Steve Cobble, former political director of the National Rainbow Coalition, advisor to Jackson, Nader, and Kucinich presidential campaigns “Swanson has done it again.

(The list price is .) (If you order from Amazon it will ship right away even if Amazon says it won’t ship for weeks; it is print-on-demand.) Or you can get 10 copies for , or 50 copies for 0, or more (all with free shipping) here.

N.’s eloquent mandate: ‘to eliminate the scourge of war.'” — Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

“From to a prodigious number of essays (and that’s just since the ’08 election) David Swanson combines the timeliest scholarship and logical elegance in a call to action: ‘to learn how to enjoy working for the moral good for its own sake.’” — John Heuer, Veterans for Peace.

“One of the best ways to radicalize someone’s thinking is to force the person to look at a cherished ideal in a fundamentally new way.

David Swanson does that with War, an ideal cherished by too many Americans.

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