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Kudos to the network for allowing a second chance, but the ending, while plenty tear inducing, also left me frustrated, more for what it didn’t show than what it did.As such, I will be focusing this review on the final moments of the show, rather than the whole series, whole season, or even the whole episode.La Scala got the idea to make a faith-based horror movie, the first of its kind, while he was producing another film, "The Conjuring." It took him a few years before he could find religious-based backing for the film, in part because many executives were worried the film would be too scary for little ones.It does have a PG-13 rating, but it is still appropriate for older children, and there is little that could be construed as objectionable.After they witness other biblical plagues that are a sign of the Apocalypse, they are finally sure they know what is going on.Now that they know that the Apocalypse is nigh, what can they do to ensure their safety in a newly dangerous and panicked world, and will they ever be worthy of being raptured themselves?

This was also the dream of many fans of the show, not counting myself among them. But Baze was moving on in season two, and Ryan (Kerr Smith) was so well fleshed out as a likable character…The budget was tight, so director Casey La Scala tried to use as many practical effects as possible to save money.Still, certain scenes call for digital effects, so a few were put in to make sure everything was as realistic as possible.With all the horror and fantasy elements that come together in "The Remaining," there just doesn't seem to be room for preachiness.The film looks and feels just like a major horror motion picture, especially where the special effects are concerned.

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The big news, of course: Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) ended up with Cate (Shiri Appleby).

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