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Joseph Haven Smith, the youngest of the six sons of these pa- rents, was born in Rochester Nov. His early life was characterized by a thirst for knowledge, which increased with his advancing years. .451, 4.52 Kimball, Nathaniel T 188 2.52, 473, 492, 531.

He was largely instrumental in the erection of the Pierce Memorial Church, of which he was a member. Smith removed to Lowell, Mass., and for a time devoted his whole attention to the practice of his profession. A party who were too impa- tient to wait for the slower plans of the Anti-man-hunting League, battered down with a stick of timber the outer doors where Burns was confined. Hale took great interest in political matters, and in 1832, two years after commencing the practice of law in Dover, was elected to the Legislature, at the age of twenty-six. D 475 Jacobs, Stephen C 222 Jacques, Rev 575 Jaffrey, George 40 James, Bishop 275 •Tames, James W .387 •Jaines, William 77 Janes, Bishop 438 Jasper, Rev. H..274, 275, 276 Jefferson, Thomas 332, 518 •Jeffrey, James 78 •Jelerson, Samuel 196 •Jellerson, Benjamin 5.55 •Jenkings, Joseph, Jr 40 Jenkins, Charles E 363, 530 Jenkins, Cornelius 62 •Jenkins, Xaucy 446 Jenkins, Stephen 61 •Jenks, George W 448 •Jenks, Joseph 38 Jennes, Joseph 75 •Tenness, Abigail 585 Jenness, Betsey 222 Jenness, Charles 222 Jenness, Charles G 238 Jenness, Charles, Jr 222 Jenness, Cyrus 161, 222 •Jenness, Daniel 62 •Tenness, Daniel F 534 •Jenness, Dorothy 272 •Jenness, Ebenezer 444 Jenness, Freeman 222 Jenness, George 222, 520 Jenness, George B 238 Jenness, Isaac 183 Jenness, James M 222 Jenness, John .... •Jenness, Jonathan 222 •Tenness, Kezia 278 Jenness, Mark 77, 533 Jenness, Mrs.

A j-ear later he commenced the study of medicine under the tuition of James Farrington, M. From the public schools of his native village he went to Phillips Academy at Exeter, and graduated at Bowdoin College in 1827. Hale, on leaving college, entered upon the study of the law 382 ROCHESTER. Christie, Esq., of Dover, where he had the advantage of the instruction of one of the ablest lawyers ever at the bar in the State.

D., of his own village, and graduated at the Medical College in Bruns- wick, Me., in 1829. He began to practice in Dover in 1830, and for about forty years was the nearest neighbor of his old instructor, who was always one of his warmest friends, although the two were generally pitted against each other in all the leading cases in court, and differed much of the time politically.

In a time of great scarcity of provision he went on foot to Exeter, where he procured half a bushel of Indian com and bore it home on his shoulder, a distance of nearly seventy miles through a dense and almost pathless wil- derness. .223, 273 Leighton, David 68, 74 Leighton, Edward 62 Leighton, Edwin G 223 Leighton, Ephraim 223 Leighton, George 520 Leighton, John. Libbey, Phebe 585 Libbey, Robert M 224 Libby, Dr 153 Libbv, J. Lincoln, Heman 42ft Lindsey, Cynthia 586 Lindsev, George S 161,530 Little, Archibald 224 Littlefield, Rev. A 276 Little, William O 224 Livermore, Arthur 525 Livermore, Judge. Locke, John 578 Locke, Joshua 149 Locke, Lvman 534 Locke, M'rs. W 364 Locke, Sarah 281 Lock, James 77, 78 Lockwood, Belva .520 Logan, J.

Elias Smith was born in Epping, but removed in early life to Moiiltonborongh, where the poverty and sacrifices incident to the settlement of a new country served to develop patience, perse- verance, and energy of character. Prof 287, 288 Lewis, John 31 Lewis, Sumner 224 Lewis, W^inslow 444 Libby, Arthur 224 Libby, Isaac ... Libbey, Paul 59, 61, 91, 286 287, 532, 533, 542, 567. Joseph T 282 Lincoln, Abraham 193, 207 393, 412, 520, 622. 577 Lock, Edward 62 Locke, Fanny 364 Locke, Henry W..200, 224, 364 509. Longfellow, Henrj- W.32o, 325 Lord, Eli 5o5 Lord, Nathaniel '243 Lord. John 262, 575 Loren, Francis J 334 Loren, John J 334 Loring, Rev.

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