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Will remove if needed.0Reproduction clutch disc and throw out bearing. Trades considered call or text 614-562-4003Selling my pro/super motor, fresh with new piston, many time qualitfier at NQS, 2 NQS wins as pro, 1 win as super. This tractor runs right with our other Pro Stock tractors. Amstutz use to sell them, but they no longer have them. Please get a hold of me, text is usually best or email. 513-256-9423 Thanks For sale is a rear end for a pro stock/super stock. 23" duros on steel-6" 3 rib on steel.0 1 inch spacer 16hp block std. call or text 1-401-641-7848 Dan For sale trailor,3 pulling tractors, 2 50.5, 1 diesel, 1 four wheeler, generator, starter cart, air compressor, frig, extra stock diesel engine, injection pump. this tractor is ready to pull just add YOUR WEIGHTS just pulled last week end. 50.5 super stocks entry, we will run all 3 classes 2 times with a 100 percent payback in each class. 8153517110 Thanks 00Selling my pro/super motor, fresh with new piston, many time qualitfier at NQS, 2 NQS wins as pro, 1 win as super. bore 0old set of dickcepeks 0billet aluminum heads 1 for a 16hp kohler and one for 10-14 hp kohlers50$ each.titanium valve springs.50$I am selling my NQS 50.5 Super Stock engine, the block prep was done by MVP, and was built and maintained by gt performance. will separate 00.00 Call or text 1-401-641-7848 Dan Strasburg IL, July 9th @ 1pm. super stock classes will have heats if we have enough tractors. Has a beefed up rear end with gears 23.5thru 26.5 comes with fuel pump, weight bracket and seat box. Comes with 6x6 cepeks on the back ASKING 00 cant build one this cheap call 812-614-1678 or email me. Custom 1.2" carb, dual plug/crank trigger.heavy flywheel and heavy pulley. Used at Missouri State Fair, Ozark Empire Fair, and local fairs and clubs. any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Friday Classes: 1050 Pro Stock Stock Alter Pro V twin Mo Super Stock gtpomma rules Outlaw PST 30 ci 1350 Mini Saturday Classes:1350 Mini Stock Alter Super Stock Mo Super Stock Pro Outlaw 30 ci Super Stock Carbureted45 Stock Head V- Twin For more information contact Jeremy Jaspering @ 573-822-4907 or Mike Sherry @ 636-359-9811. All in very good shape.super stock rolling chassis pipe frame comes with vogel clutch, holley fuel pump & reg everything their but engine.

This is a turnkey ready tractor that looks fantastic.

2nd is a Julian block with all Vogel internals, 3 7/8 stroke, Vogel cam, stainless valves, small flywheel, I have super intakes for both, just no super carbs.

text 319-330-2751 or email [email protected] with a super D carb or 00 without the carb.

Chassis and sheet metal is rusty and has some questionable repairs.

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